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I was so impressed with everything at my 2 year old daughter's appointment today. The atmosphere is so fun, my daughter was comfortable as soon as we walked in the door. The staff was incredibly nice! I loved how the hygienist and dentist talked to my daughter and explained what they would be doing before they did it. It took away the fear of the unknown. She felt so comfortable she took off her flip flops, laid back, and had her teeth cleaned without a fuss! I was amazed since she cried both times at a previous dentist's office, and I had to hold her in my lap.

I had no cavities. When they cleaned my teeth it didn't hurt and tickled. I got to choose my flavor of toothpaste and it was chocolate. I also had an x-ray and it was cool to see my teeth. Dr. Stella was really nice and I like brushing my teeth. I will try hard to floss my teeth everyday. Ethan

I learned today I need to stop sucking my thumb. I will try hard to not suck my thumb. I will put socks on my hands when I go to bed. Dr. Miao was very nice and helpful. Love, Ella

My kids and I met Dr. Stella for the first time this past Saturday 4-14-12 and they enjoyed the visit very much. The staff is wonderful and my kids had the best time they have ever had at the dentist.